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Hyperstructures: cryptographic protocols that can operate freely and indefinitely, without maintenance, interruptions, or intermediaries.


Hyperstructures represent blockchain protocols endowed with distinct characteristics:

• Unstoppable: Resilient and impervious, the protocol persists as long as the underlying blockchain endures.

• Cost-free: Operating at a seamless 0% cost, the protocol aligns precisely with the expenditure of gas.

• Valuable: Accumulating discernible value, accessible and enforceable by its proprietors.

• Expansive: Inherently incentivized, the protocol encourages active participation and engagement.

• Neutral: Universally applicable and user-independent, the protocol remains impartial.

• Permissionless: Offering unfettered access and imperviousness to censorship, builders and users are beyond deprecation.

• Positive sum: Cultivating a mutually beneficial environment, participants thrive within a shared infrastructure.


It is imperative to underscore that the mere reliance of an application on a protocol does not categorically designate it as a hyperstructure. If a protocol is wholly on-chain, affording administrators the capacity to effect comprehensive rule updates and alterations, it does not meet the criteria for a hyperstructure but rather qualifies as a platform.

Hyperstructures, in contrast, embody a wholly on-chain architecture and function as public goods, fostering a positive-sum ecosystem that benefits all participants.

Social Infrastructure

Given their immutable and enduring characteristics, we find ourselves presented with the prospect of constructing a civic infrastructure capable of surpassing the span of our own lifetimes.

We are confronted with the unique opportunity to reimagine the entirety of the Internet through the prism of Web3, with blockchain technology positioned at its core.

Hyperstructures, envisaged within this context, are poised to attain an unparalleled scale, potentially surpassing the longevity of even the prevailing social media platforms.


The evaluation of Hyperstructures extends beyond immediate considerations and encompasses their sustained accessibility and utility to the public across a protracted time horizon. In crafting these structures, a pivotal element lies in fostering a long-term vision, a facet often absent within the Web3 landscape, where priorities tend to be oriented toward short-term profitability.


Now feasible are Hyperstructures that operate indefinitely without cost. Rather than regarding this as an endpoint to avoid, it should serve as our foundational starting point.

With new paradigms come new value systems. Hyperstructures offer a chance to create enduring public goods, perpetually free, rewarding both builders and contributors for creating invaluable systems that benefit society for years to come.

This endeavor stands as a worthwhile pursuit.


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