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A block explorer serves as a comprehensive analytical tool for scrutinizing a blockchain network from its inception, starting with the genesis block. It functions as a search engine, enabling users to access detailed information about individual blocks, public addresses, and transactions.

In addition to serving as a repository of real-time statistics and market charts, block explorers furnish data on various network metrics such as mining pools, pending transactions, hash rate, block validators, orphan blocks, hard forks, and more. While a single website may host multiple block explorers, each explorer is uniquely associated with a specific blockchain. Notably, a single blockchain can have multiple block explorers.

Prominent examples of block explorers include Etherscan for Ethereum, for Bitcoin, and BscScan for Binance Smart Chain.

Beyond these functionalities, block explorers offer the capability to download detailed transaction reports for a specific address within a defined timeframe. Presented in .csv format, these reports encompass exhaustive details for each operation conducted, including gas, tokens, values, token IDs, contract interactions, and more.


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